A model vehicle is a miniature version of a full-scale automobile, truck, busses etc. Miniature vehicles first appeared as a children’s toy at the same time as automobiles did. While the miniatures were first introduced as a children’s toy, they are now appreciated by people of any age, gender, and background and are soon becoming a great gift for collectors and car lovers alike.

As mentioned, the history of model cars begins with the history of the automobile as the earliest examples of model vehicles were created for design and promotion purposes for the full sized models in the 1920s. In-house design models were often made of the same material as the full-scale vehicle, wood or clay were also very popular to begin with, moving on to tin and steel and eventually metal and plastic.

By the 1950s, building your own model car became the popular hobby that is still very much enjoyed today. Collecting model cars, on the other hand, became a popular passion among adults from the 1970s onwards and from the 1990s this section of the market has been growing in full force. One of the best things about collecting a model car is being able to collect rare models and variations that would not otherwise be available to the public, meaning a car lover can enjoy the dream of owning a unique piece of motoring history.

When it comes to the prices of diecast car models, they can vary massively according to the year they were made, the materials used for their manufacture and their rarity. Whilst they often make a great and affordable gift to your loved ones they can also be a great investment for die-hard collectors. Below you can find 5 of the most expensive diecast car models ever made:

1. Lamborghini Aventador Gold, costing around € 400,000 but worth € 7.5 million.

2. Lamborghini Aventador, costing € 6 million.

3. Bugatti Veyron, 24 ct solid gold and platinum plus 7.2 ct and a single cut diamond.

4. 40th-anniversary Hot Wheels, made with 18 ct white gold, 1,388 blue diamonds, 988 black diamonds, 319 white diamonds and 8 rubies and It is worth around €140,000.

5. Volkswagen Beach Bomb, worth €125,000

If you are looking for a more affordable, yet amazingly unique, gift idea have a look at our model cars, they are a present which has been loved through time.