About us

About Us

Model-Car-World for the UK's best choice of scale diecast model cars, viewed in our unique model car garage setting. 
Free personalised number plate with all 1:18 diecast model cars.

We hope you will find that special car you have been looking for, be it a car you used to own, or, a car you would like to own,
or a car that you have admired in films or television, or even one that holds special memories (e.g. Granddad used to have one,
Dad used to have one). Personally I am trying to collect all the cars I have ever owned, colour has to take second place due to the rarity
of some of these models, but is a small price to pay for actually getting the model required.

There seems to be no age or gender limit that appears to buy these models, in fact we have had 14 year old girl who bought a pink Cadillac
because that is "What she will have as a car when she is famous!"