model cars

Men and women all over the world have been increasingly fascinated with the automobile since its introduction in 1885. While the lucky ones can afford garages filled with the classics and latest favourite models, the majority of us cannot. Model cars are the best way to enjoy the details of the most beautiful cars in the world, without having to compromise the health of your wallet. Model cars are miniature versions of real cars, available in different scales (1:18, 1:12, 1:24, 1:32, 1:43, 1:76) according to one’s preference. Originally sold as a children’s toys they have now become great symbols of design and incredible gifts for collectors and car lovers alike.

With Christmas quickly approaching and the search for the perfect present beginning, why not consider delighting your loved ones with a model car? Alternatively, there are many other options available for car lovers, have a look at some of the options below and choose your favourite present:

Model Cars

There is a model car for everybody. From different scales to different vehicle types, manufacturers and prices, the world of model cars is vast and diverse. Whether the person you are buying for is a fanatic of police vehicles or sports cars, therefore, you will be able to make them very happy this year.

Model Car Kits

Another very popular and appreciated present is a model car kit. It is perfect for those who love cars and the assembly process. The kits are available both in the plastic and metal edition and feature different scales.

Personalised Cars

If the person you would like to gift a model car to loves to be different or has a very specific vehicle in mind, don’t worry we can personalise any model on request! Contact us for more information.

Car Memorabilia

Car memorabilia such as an original ford brochure are also a great gift for car lovers and collectors.

Other Car Related Gifts

Any car lover would love a mug or a steering wheel keychain/clock so make sure you have a look at our gifts page for some great ideas!

What do you think is the perfect present for your loved ones this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below and contact us for more information about model cars and gifts!