Through history, many cars have marked the era they were popular in. From great symbols of innovation and design to the stars that have owned them over the years, the following five stood out as some of the most iconic cars through history. Have a look at the list below and start dreaming:

Jaguar E-Type

Manufactured between 1961 and 1975, the British sports car was a symbol of incredibly modern design and performance. On the year of its release, Enzo Ferrari called it ‘the most beautiful car ever made’ and the two seater has since been seen as iconic, appearing on various hollywood films and top cars lists.

Aston Martin DB4 and DB5

No iconic cars’ list could be completed without James Bond’s favourite manufacturer: Aston Martin. The British-made luxury grand tourer was released in 1963 and has since made us dream about its incredible design and high performance.

Ferrari Testarossa

The two door coupé is a symbol of 80s extravagance and glamour. The Testarossa moves away from the curvaceous design of its predecessors and other brands, to establish a sense of novelty and modernity in the car industry of the time. It is still considered a modern, timeless and iconic model among car lovers.

Porsche 911

The two seater is a classic German sports car, with independent suspensions and six cylinder boxer engine. Since its introduction in 1963 it became an instant classic and it is considered one of the most successful competition cars in history.

Wolkswagon Beetle

The ‘Superbug’, as it has also been called over the years, is a great example of how iconic cars are not necessarily incredibly pricey. The reason why the Beetle always makes any iconic cars list is for its importance in the history of motorisation. It was created by Ferdinand Porsche in 1938 as a cheap and easily available car, changing the way people viewed motorisation for ever. Thanks to the Beetle, cars became available to most families as opposed to the few, leading to a massive change in the lives of the low to middle classes.

Above are five of the most iconic cars of all time, which have made us dream about one day owning or leasing them. In the meantime, why not owning a car model and collect them all? Buy a model car online today or contact us for an exclusive custom-made design of your choice!